BGram T5.4.0-B5.2.0:

• Ability to show current user avatar on sidebar menu button.
• Added number of voters to polls.
• Play full screen GIFs in loop.
• Long click on sticker tabs to copy sticker pack link.
• Long click on emoji button for toggle message merging.
• Forward now removed from secret chats.
• Fixes and improvement.

BGram T5.4.0-B5.1.0:

• Source code updated to telegram 5.4.0
• TOR updated to, just enable/disable it from main menu or proxy page to download new update. Also you can wipe all TOR files when you long click on Onion icon.
• New options in TOR settings: Prefer IPv6 connections, Disable IPv4 connections, Connection padding and Reduced connection padding.
• Ability to save media to chat folder.
• Chose action for copy msg’s author name.
• Add to custom tabs or delete from custom tabs in profile.
• Some permanent text labels (members, online, admin, creator, mutual contact ) now replaced with icons for better ui in profile and chat screen.
• Enabled Long click Haptic Feedback (vibration) for some long click actions in app.
• Enable Global user search in forward menu using @username.
• Enabled Secret chats in forward panel.
• Forward option in secret chats.
• Ability to delete all own messages in group profile context menu. You can delete all your messages in a group or channel in one action (admins only).
• Ability to keep screen on while app is open.
• Long click actions on chat avatar in search results.
• Ability to use(apply) fonts and backup files directly in shared media section.
• Added message id to copylink in channels in message context menu.
• Fixes and improvement.