Bgram Program Guide

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“Guide to some Bgram features”

1. Advanced Fardard Training

  • Open the Biagram app. Sign in to the chat ← Touch the message you want to forward ← The advanced forwarding panel will appear.

2. Learn how to integrate messages:

  • Method 1: After opening the program, enter the Bigram settings. You can activate the chat section in the Bigram settings for merging messages.
  • Method 2: After the program opens, enter the conversation on the wave icon on the left side of the long touch.

3. Tour connection connection:

  • The first method: (Introducing the tour system) – Open the program Bagram, deactivate the proxy or automatic filter breaker. After a few moments, the bid will be 100% and Bigram will be connected to the tour.
  • Method 2: When you enter the tour panel, do not connect to the tour. Enable the option to use the bridge. A panel will appear for you. There will be three options. Click on (Connect via cloud servers) and copy the pre-created bridge. Enter or confirm the bridge request from Dropbox and confirm.

4. Talking to pin conversations in Bigram:

  • Open the Biggram app. Tap Long. Click on the three dots on the conversation on the right. The pin of the conversation will be displayed.

5. Learn how to enable custom fonts:

  • Open the Beigram app ← Go to the Beigram settings section ← In the main tab, select the font displayed ← Click to activate the personal font ← Now download the desired font that you downloaded and save it in the thin font and open the app once And close.

6. Backup training in Bigram:

  • After opening the program, enter the settings of the program in the main tab at the bottom of the page. There is a support and restore option.

7. Adjust the size of the photos:

  • Open the Biagram app, enter the Bigram settings in the chat tab, activate all photo spreads, and set the image size to your liking.

8. Adjust the quality of the submitted photos:

  • Open the Bigram app. Enter the Bigram settings in the Chat tab. You can see the settings of the submitted photos, and you can set the quality of the photos to your liking.

9. Fever Making Tutorial:

  • Open the Bigram app ← Enter the main settings ← Touch the folders section ← Click to create a new folder Set an icon or name for the tab ← Touch Add Conversations and you can specify in which tab the messages. Be seen.

10. New chat pencil replacement tutorial:

  • After opening the Bigram program, enter the Bigram settings in the Appearance tab. There is a button to change the saved messages with the new chat pencil. By activating it, the Chat pencil icon will be replaced.

11. Tutorials for sorting accounts:

  • Open the Bigram app. Enter the Bigram settings in the main tab of the drop-down menu. Click on Sort Accounts. To tidy up your accounts, touch and hold the account in the desired location.

12. Add an account in Bigram:

  • In the Bigram program, adding an account is unlimited. The stronger your operating system, the smaller the log and hang program.

13. Hide Proxy Sponsor:

  • Open the Biagram app and enter the Bigram settings in the Appearance tab. Click Hide. From now on, any proxy will not have an ad for you.