What is a BGram

The BGram application is an unofficial telegram that is affiliated with the Telegram API, and no information is generated by the manufacturer or the program team, and all information is handled by Telegram. And just the browser for the Android operating system is built and completed. BGram is the first program to counteract your customized project with some kind of anti-filter and do not require proxies for telegrams. It is well-known among the masses of informal telegrams (BGram) and has more and unique features and has been welcomed. If you have not installed a bi-gram yet, try BGram and use advanced features right now.

TOR project

The TOR-The Onion Routing is a free project and an implementation of the onion network model. The on-board network is a network model that is designed so that the user is in that anonymous, so the tour project implements this network model to help, and the program has used the program to prevent the filtering of warfare. In countries where the filtered telegram has come and managed to bypass the project and filtering.

Smart proxy

This new feature is based on the protocols MTProto and Socks5. Users use new proxies and telegrams are configured to be plugged in with one click. But this possibility is more intelligent and advanced in the browser so that the user only saves a few ping-in proxies and the program automatically connects the best proxy without user intervention to the user and the user can safely log in to their chat in the browser. Pay

Advanced Forward

The BGram offers a variety of features or functionality to users. One of these features is the possibility of advanced forwarding of messages. Unlike the case in the original version of the Telegram, you can change the title of the main message in the Advanced Browser Forward and prevent the submission of the quote (the original sender of the message). And send to others.

Examples of Brightness Features

The BGram app has a lot of unique features that we can say. Among the features we can say is the tour, the hidden chat (hide your chats in the BGram), the advanced forward, the mood, the choice of the desired font in the BGram , Chat dialogs (custom tab creation), bubble messaging, group member filters (admins, robots ...), hacking messages, composing your messages, backing up your chats and program settings. The BGram and other features you can understand by testing the program ...

  • Net

    Currently, Tour is the world's most secure communication system and the best software for anonymous cyber space. It connects to it in one click on the browser.

  • Personal and custom tabing

    One of the unique features in the Unlimited Advanced Telegram is the clever and personalized tabulation that you can customize, modify the program, and add new tabs and icons.

  • One by one my messages

    There is the ability to integrate or sync your messages and chats with a lot of chatroulette that will greatly help your messages and chats and chat quickly.


Telegram can now be considered the most popular messenger application in Iran, which has managed to capture the attention of several tens of millions of Iranian users with its fantastic features. With its emergence in informal telegrams, BGram managed to beat its rivals and telegram the most advanced, intelligent and advanced informatics application that has been synced and counter-filtered with the Tour project. You can now use the Google Toolbar Download and install Poly and use its advanced features ...

What is a Tor?

The Onion Router Network, or the OR network, is a communication technique for hiding and staying in a network. Tor software and network is actually an implementation for Onion Routing. Security on the Onion network is provided to try to keep your activity and your relationship secret and secret. The reason for naming this kind of network to Onion Routing is that the network's function is like peeling onions, and your message is hiding in the onion center. In your software and proxy networks, you connect to a server that provides information By mediating you that this information is not necessarily encrypted, but in Onion, you do not have to deal with a server, but with a high server number. In the Tor network, which is an Onion Routing independent implementation, you are connected to three servers, so your message is encrypted three times. In the on-net network, three nots are randomly selected to create a secret service, which is referred to as an Introduction Point. . These points communicate with the Public Key secret service. The interesting point about these points is that these points, like network nodes, are not known about the actual location of the secret service. After selecting the "Introduction Points", the Hidden Service creates a Service Descriptor that includes the Introduction Point and the Public Key feature of the secret service. In the on-net network, there is a Distributed hash table that holds the 16-character ID and public key secret services in order to direct user requests to access hidden service information. And this possibility and the project are in the browser program and are anti-filtered.

  • Custom Fonts

    Another feature is the custom fonts in the program so you can download and customize your font in ttf format and easily customize it and make it beautiful and have your own chats enjoyed.

  • Auto proxy

    In the BGram app, there is an automated proxy that has a lot of intelligence. With just one click, you can easily go through the filtering and chat and see the post. The automated proxy will intelligently connect to the best proxy.

  • Intelligent spirit mode

    One of the best options is that users have the option of choosing (the state of mind) in a bi-gram that does not exist or does not exist in the main and unofficial telegram, but works best in the biogram in a very intelligent way that the other party has no title. You will not notice your chat and typing.

Comments from the browser

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Extremely good program
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There is a lot of work space that can make progress

User questions

Frequently asked questions about BGram will be here

  • Is the game an Iranian or not foreign?

    Yes, it's Iranian

  • What brands are in a bipolar?

    The browser is only available on Google Play

  • Has the feature or capabilities featured?

    Yes, Tim Berg has tried to get the most and most used features to keep users happy.

  • Does Bramar have access to our messages and chats?

    No, the browser can not access your messages at all, and the browser only uses the main telegram API that does not have the ability to hack or spy.

  • What is API?

    An API or an API that stands for the Appluication Programming Interface, meaning the application programming interface.

  • Can api be hacked?

    No api is a service or an interface coding that gives the information of an application to another program more powerful and uses it for the program.

  • Does the smartfire have a proxy?

    Yes, the Bizgram has a proxy connector that supports all of them.

  • Does the team have another app or app?

    No, the team and the maker of Bygarm now only support this app.

The only way to contact the Bergram team is just to email the Biftogram App.
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The last word of the bimmer

The informal telegram has a unique, intelligent and advanced feature that attracted much attention and attracted the users of the mainstream telegram, due to its anti-filter and smartframe software, the Google Polygraph Top Telegram Unofficial, and users can download to Google to download the word BGram to download and use its unique features.